Saving Service Members, Veterans, & Their Families Time and Money Since 2015.

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About Us

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Hotels Helping Heroes started with one mission in mind - to greatly reduce the cost of staying at clean, safe and friendly brand properties for veterans who see the high cost of hotel stays as an obstacle to travel. To mitigate against this issue, we partnered with 3 and 4 star hotel brands across the US to help our clients save up to 75% of the average room rate. 



We follow a set of core principles which have served us well over the last 3 years in business:

  • We pride ourselves in transparency, as indicated by the multiple social media platforms where you can find us.  

  • We also also adhere to strict professional standards throughout the trade process.

  • Lastly, our business model is straightforward and simple to use.  There are no messy contracts, hidden fees, or over the top language to contend with. ”Simple and to the point” has proven most effective when working with our hotel partners and clients.


As CEO of Hotels Helping Heroes,  I take a hands on approach in vetting hotel affiliates and new clients. Our reputation is important to us so it’s essential we maintain high standards when it comes to the people we coordinate hotel trades with.  


Trades are much less problematic when we align our company with quality, trade friendly hotel

partners and professional clients, such as veterans and current service members.  

At the end of the day,  the hotel affiliate must see value in a trade deal, and in turn, the client expects a clean, safe, friendly hotel visit.